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Hope this isn't dead???

Ok, I have a question for you guys that have made this work on the 08' E90's - I'm bitching about every week to my BMW dealer- I've even tried to screw up my idrive and even paid them 145 to "investigate" my problems... each time the damn thing works for them and they will not replace my TSU to the GSM version... my production date is 3/08 -

Has ANYBODY gotten ASSIST to activate this my info feature for CDMA devices pre 6/08 production????????? I NEED the send to google to work... I'm so tired of trying to fumble with this damn knob looking for addresses... If the answer is NO - has anybody tried to buy a TSU from ebay (found an 09 for 129 bucks) and plug that damn thing in and make it work?? I'm assuming there will have to be major programming to get it working and of course updating the Assist people - who probably won't update without the BMW dealer telling them its been retrofitted???

Anybody??? Thanks in advance...