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Originally Posted by loweredram View Post
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but Im having the exact same problem. I was running the OTS Cobb E30 map and calculated wrong ending up with an E34. Car ran great I happened to check for codes and got 29E0 fuel mixture control,
29E1 fuel mixture control 2, and P2AAF fuel pumpe, plausibility. The car did kick a SES light at one point but no limp mode. I was running low on fuel so I cleared the codes and filled up with a quarter tank left with shell 91 and switched maps back to Stage 2 +. The P2AAAF code never came back but the 29E0 and 29E1 keep returning even after the 2nd full tank of 91. I do have UR catted downpipes which never threw a code after I installed them on the car stock before I got a tune. A buddy of mine said the E85 could have killed the cats which is why I'm getting the codes now. Ive read these are the codes you get when you go with cat-less downpipes. The car runs and pulls great LPFP is in range not sure what else to check. If this is a cat-less down pipe code I'm gonna ditch these UR catted down pipes and just go cat-less.
I am running cP-e downpipes with highflow catts. I have ran E50 on the OTS E30 map and never gotten a fuel mixture fault

Btw you will never be on target when fuel mixing cause E85 is never exactly E85. Mixing a bit over E30 ie E34 as your did is ideal.

I am not saying to run E40-E50 running an E30 map. However you can run between E30-E40 on an E30 OTS map. Why your car spit that fault is weird, you might want to raise your Fuel Scalar to E35 calculation

The catts have nothing to do with that fault code, it could be also your O2 sensor going bad. I have been running E85 for almost 1.5+ years, and now stock and no codes