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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
I am running cP-e downpipes with highflow catts. I have ran E50 on the OTS E30 map and never gotten a fuel mixture fault

Btw you will never be on target when fuel mixing cause E85 is never exactly E85. Mixing a bit over E30 ie E34 as your did is ideal.

I am not saying to run E40-E50 running an E30 map. However you can run between E30-E40 on an E30 OTS map. Why your car spit that fault is weird, you might want to raise your Fuel Scalar to E35 calculation

The catts have nothing to do with that fault code, it could be also your O2 sensor going bad. I have been running E85 for almost 1.5+ years, and now stock and no codes
Thank you. I will defiantly look at the fuel scalars as well next time I run the E30 maps. I was also thinking maybe I strained the lpfp? I will try doing some hard pulls and logging the fuel pressure. I will also look at finding a way to test the o2 sensors. Thanks for the pointers