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Originally Posted by svg95gt View Post
Did you guys ever figure out what this issue was? Mine is doing the same thing and I haven't had time to get to a shop yet. I did add some DI water to get me home, but overheated again on my way in to work this am. I'd rather not replace the pump/therm if it's a fluid thing...
If there aren't any leaks and you still get a code, your pump's impeller might be seized or the thermostat is malfunctioning. Fluid levels wouldn't be affected by these issues. You might want to try the Venting procedure from the DIY to make sure that your pump is functioning. With the engine off you will be able to hear the pump and the circulation of fluid. At least it's a start. How many miles/kilometers on the vehicle? For peace of mind, you might just want to get both the pump and thermostat replaced anyway.