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The complete E90 problems tracking thread

Hello everyone!

Since there seem to be a fair amount of people who are having problems with their E90:s I thought that we could try and list them all here.

If you have a problem with your car (ac, nav, transmission etc) please write a short reply and tell us about your car and the nature of the problem.

The point of this thread is NOT to try and solve the problems - please do that in the rest of the forum - but to see how many that has a certain problem. Then maybe we can see if it's a general problem or just an isolated event.

If something turns out to be a general problem then those who are affected can feel that they have some backup if they want to complain/use the warranty etc. And maybe we can even get BMW to fix something quicker if we are lucky...

Here is a form you can use when describing the problem:


Automatic transmission (yes/no):
I-Drive (yes/no):
Active Steering (yes/no):
Comfort Access (yes/no):

Problem description:


Also jwocky - this might be a suitable sticky thread... do as you please.

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