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Originally Posted by Edis335i View Post
im ganna order a new charge pipe+bov
im not to sure on which one to go with
my stock diverter valves arent holding boost higher than 10psi
can you guys please give me input on which choice is best to go with??

i know theres alot of threads like this but just help me haha!
The most popular combo is the ER Pipe with Tial BOV, as the HKS is a very loud BOV and most don't want it loud, but the HKS is great if you want a loud BOV. The Tial is pretty subdued and a more refined sound.

Now if you don't want any sound from the setup you can upgrade to Forge DVs. Now with the Forge you don't need a new charge pipe as you can use your stock one, but its still something I would upgrade, but if its not in the budget you can do it in two steps, get the Forge DVs now and Upgrade CP later.

With a BOV you would need a new charge pipe bough with the BOV.