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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
The U.S. military is probably the "most powerful" insomuch as the U.S. is the wealthiest nation on earth (this is an objective fact) and thus the U.S. military isn't as limited by resources (i.e. money) as other, less prosperous nations.

Other than that it's pretty hard to quantify something like how "well trained" one nation's military is compared to another nation's military.

The U.S. probably has the most advanced, up-to-date technology but I'm not really sure, and I also don't know how technologically advanced other nations are either.
U.S. may be the "wealthiest" nation, but the country is levered into oblivion.

If the country doesn't manage to pay down its principal debt and interest payments (with a large portion coming from China), the government would have to make some drastic cuts to various government and military agencies, potentially affecting both the perception and actual "strength" of our military.