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Originally Posted by 325 Baller
but ive had thoughts of just punching the kid in the face a couple times, he really gets annoying hes like im sorry that my daddy diddnt buy me a brand new BMW, ahh people can be soo frustrating when they act like idiots!
Hey im high school too. But there is one problem i have with the kids in my school. this one annoying girl saw my car and was like "O is that a 5 series?" i laughed and replied "No its the new 3" she said WOW i think i want to get that car. Then a month comes around and i see a 325i in jet black with SP, IDENTICAL TO MINE!. I approached her and was like hey whats the deal? she simply said "yea i wanted to get a nice car it was between this and the g35, but i like the bmw, well, because its a BMW!" I then paused and really wanted to maybe talk to this girl for hours, she has no idea what people buy bmw's for, At least what they are built for. ANYWAYS..... a week passes by and i see her pull up in a rental chevy cavelier. I told her is her car in service. She basically told me that she wasnt paying attention while driving and rear-ended someone at around 20-25MPH!!! This almost made me burst into tears.
I realize I am only a naive little kid in highschool(not 18 yet), But comeone there is no reason people should be so dumb. Even worse is that parents will give their child a car knowing that he/she probably will crash because he/she is not the most alert person in world(ADD/Immaturity). Wait sorry for stealing the thread. But 325baller, i feel you on some of those kids, but like in my school kids know that my car= my life. And i have given fair warning to anyone who tries any "funny-stuff" near my car. I actually saw one kid in the act of keying my car.... I then immediatly poped my trunk and chased the fucker with a lacrosse stick, I then had the kid on the curb of the street and began hitting him. memory is fuzzy because i was so angry i went into one of those rages. But i hit him once in the head then MANY times in the stomach and chest. Lets say he will have a bruise or two in the mourning. Weird part was, i hardly knew the kid who did it, ive seen him in school though, was one of those rebel kids. Good part of the story is that he only keyed about an inch before i had him running. SORRY AGAIN FOR GOING KIND OF OFF TOPIC!
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