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Originally Posted by bimmerfrk View Post
This poster sound like such a looser in all his posts its not even worth the keystrokes but I digress

I agree with previous posters. China lacks authenticity, show me one thing that china has invented that's authentic and new to the world. They are a society of copy cats the utilize mass amounts of volume selling. Not saying that their society is wrong but their impersonation of capitalism is simply a pure rip of products from successful companies founded outside their nation.

Have you guys not heard of how much network compromising is going on in fortune 100 companies from America. China is trying to get as much American corporate data as it can. Why? So it can obtain significant data and can make generic products from those that America other countries have invented.
china's doing a lot with stem cells, genetic engineering (e.g. chimera species), stuff that's unsupported (maybe even illegal) here. and in their view, pirating intellectual property is simply payback for centuries of western colonization. let's not forget, before the western powers barged in, china was the richest empire on the planet. of course it sounds like a b.s. excuse to the west, but to them, it's payback. putting the shoe in the other foot, your rant would be akin to saying "all america does is bomb others"

now i don't support the commies, after all, my ancestors were rich in old china and had to flee when mao took over. but that's what it is. at least they aren't forcing us to smoke crack.

btw, china invented gunpowder, guns/artillery, paper and paper money. i'm reminded of the days when europe made cheap knock offs of china (as in the pottery) and chinese silk. everyone gets their turn.

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