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Originally Posted by evanescent03 View Post
i'm a little shocked this didn't get more attention... your write-up is awesome; nice work. i'm looking into braking upgrades for my e90 335i msport and definitely interested in a BBK. reviews like this make it harder to resist!

thanks for the time spent sharing your experience with us!

Thanks, appreciate it. The BBK is one of my favourite mods and if you do any track days/road courses and don't want to be limited to only a few laps, then it's a must. It still brings a smile to me braking from high speeds and the ability to shed speed like no tomorrow. The bite is immense and doesn't fade. A BBK really comes into its own right with repeated braking from 120mph+. Standard brakes and pads just fade at those speeds and you can feel the retard decreasing after a couple of sec as the pad gets too hot.

I'm not sure how common AP Racing calipers are in the US, so that may explain the limited interest. The calipers that AP Racing/Stillen is selling in the US for the 335 are also slightly different. The front kit (AP6400) uses a different caliper that take a 362mm disc vs the 356mm on the European spec. The rear kit (AP6450) is based on the CP5147 caliper and is a more expensive option as it doesn't use the OEM BMW brake disc.

Finding information about what pads the AP64xx kits use appear very limited and you'll probably have to call Stillen or any of the other AP resellers to get more information. Some appear to be more track/race focused and may not have dust seals, so best to check.

This thread has some more information.

Personally I like to have a good choice of brake pads and I keep finding more pads that fit. Some needs to be skimmed from 18mm to 17mm to be able to fit, but with the right machine shop that's fairly easy to get done.
I currently got a set of SBS Pro Race Dual Carbon pads on the shelf to go in when the EBC Blue's are worn down. By then I'll need a new disc which is not too bad considering that I have gone through 4 pad sets. The blue's have been okay for the price, but the bedding in process wasn't very nice and the they don't have as much bite and consistency as the RS29's. So I don't think I'll be buying those again. I got a friend who is using a K-Sport caliper on a 420BHP+ Ford Focus and it takes the same front pad size, so between us we're able to try a number of pads and get good experience on what's good and bad.
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