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Originally Posted by mike-y View Post
STI's have flat 4 cylinder engines which help create that unique sound. Also 4 cylinder engines fire at 180 degree intervals, vs 120 degree intervals for an I-6. So getting that flat four sound is nearly impossible with an inline 6.
Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
You can't really get that sound with a straight 6. It'll be all rasp when you get on the gas. It's like asking how can I get a v8 sound for my 6 cylinder just won't happen. I mean I guess you can try a cat delete but that's the closest it'll ever get probably.

I know that, its due to the fact that they have a 4 cyl boxer engine, as to us with a straight inline 6, but is there a way where i can maybe swap out my headers with uneven headers to get the rumble?