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Replace CIC HDD to bigger capacity

Originally Posted by syrinx
Thanks for all the info -- especially Chill! I installed a new HD in my car yestarday, and it's working great. I did it a bit differently, but got all the info from this thread.

I used a WD3200BEVE for the new drive, which is 320GB -- way too much, but the price wasn't much more. I put both the new and old drives in external cases, and connected to my desktop using USB. Then I cloned the original disk to the new one using CloneZilla. Then with both drives still attached, I booted into QNX using their live CD. I fdisk'd the new drive, and deleted the fourth partition, then created a new blank one using all remaining space. Then I formated it with initd -h /dev/hd10t80 (hd10 was the new drive). Then I copied all files from the old disk's fourth partition onto the new disk's fourth partition, except for the files in the root of the fourth partition starting with a dot -- I assume these are used by the OS. I found the qnx graphical tools useless, so just did everything from the command line to make sure I didn't mess up the original drive.

After reinstalling, I have 288 GB available for songs. That should be enough for 50 or 60 thousand songs!

Interestingly, I can mount the qnx4 partitions no problem in ubuntu. It supports qnx4 partition types out of the box using a live cd. The partition is mounted read only, but it's useful for poking around.
Anybody know where I can find this guy? Someone replaced HDD to bigger capacity?