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Originally Posted by Never Convicted View Post
Active Sound shows that BMW has contempt for true enthusiasts, and because of it,their sales will soon plunge to 0.

But until then, if they don't equip all their cars with LED lights (at N/C), they'll fall behind Audi and Merc. Who, by the way have softer seats, so we should have them. But Porsche has better bolsters on their seats, so maybe we should have them.

Then again, these present, badge whore BMW buyers mostly use that newfangled DCT, which was created by Satan, and not the Be One With Thine Machine 6MT, which cowboys used to herd cattle and Patton used to beat Hitler.

And these F32's have those hideous Bimmerangs, so a good alternative is the C 07, with the gigantic Cheverangs. And i might have to get a GT-R because of that god awful hood cut line, even though the GT-R has it too.

I'll NEVER get rid of my NA V8 either, even though the F8X will outperform it in every way. It's like listening to a symphony! Even though i did get the enhanced sound package...which btw should be standard on a $70K car!

And don't get me started on that glued on iPad nav screen, instead of the beloved hump.

Maybe I'll get an M4 and put a RSGT3AMG badge on it, so people will think I'm an enthusiast.

...or maybe I'll just bitch about everything...yeah, that it!

Truly a genius post. It's like reading about everyone's gripes of why they hate having to own cars they will inevitably buy. In my case, I will look elsewhere for a performance car and never own an M4 unless its for a legit daily i like cruising in. No longer raw enough. Will likely "downgrade/upgrade" to a different breed after the e90 ///M days.