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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
It looks to me like the actual F10 M5 owners have spoken, they are fine with the simulations.

M does not make track cars or sports cars it is a premium brand of a premium brand that makes what it's customers want.
I don't think anyone cares beyond people who don't have the cars... I blast rap/rock in my m5, same way I did in my e92 m3/e90 335x and wouldn't begin to notice some silly sound that has everyone freaking out.

Throw an exhaust on the m5 problem solved.

As far as track cars I'm throwing my fat m5 around corners almost as fast as I was in the e92. I'd take 30mph turns at 70-100 in the m3 and in this fat m5 70-90. Don't get me wrong you will feel the weight, but its not like you're driving a town car...