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Originally Posted by Curt3s
That keynote is what sold me on the new Mac.

So far I've imported my 30 GB iTunes library from my PC, thousands of my photos into iPhoto (very quickly), played with a Nine Inch Nails song in Garage Band, setup firefox, setup a .mac account, used the email application to access my gMail via POP, setup BitTorrent and Proper port forwarding, played with Photobooth with the iSight, burned a few DVDS (very fast).

And of course standard webbrowsing stuff, and viewed my music, videos, music videos, photos and DVDs on the screen via FrontRow with the remote.

I've only had one program refuse to work, (Because of the Core Duo?), and that's Azureus. I'm hoping for a new version soon.

overall It feels alot like standard G5 macs with only standard improvements on non Universal Binaries, with some notable exceptions. I'm banking on the fact that this machine will become increasingly fast with time.

The system is still completely UNIX based, and all I know is developers are still scrambling to port their applications built with Cocoa over, and integrated Dual Threading of the Data. As I understand it.

Also it completely boots in 30 seconds!
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been very curious to see how these machines perform in real life. I hope you continue to have a great experience.

I agree with you about the keynote, Jobs has this great charisma about him, and Apple is an extremely innovative company.

I had a Mac while at Uni (System 7 guys!!) but soon converted to Windows machines when I started commercial life, though Win Xp is the only version of Windows I have really liked. I only got my PowerBook one year ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is really nothing I can't do on my PowerBook that I could do on the PC. Adium solved my only nag about a good MSN client.

I can't say the same in reverse though. There is so much more I can do on my Mac, because of OS X, iLife and iWork that I can do so easily that I can't do on my PC, or is much more difficult to do on a PC.

Mac OS X is so great, but the Tiger update started to show me how old Win XP really is, and unfortunately Vista is only catch-up. So I am now investigating how to fully integrate my Mac on my corproate PC Network, and I will go compeltely Mac at home and at work, and offer the same choice to other staff.
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