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The problem I see is three fold. First, the 335i is being priced the same as an S5 which has full M treatment, active and mechanical differentials, etc. $57k for an S5 is acceptable. $57k for a 335i is not remotely OK. It should be at least $10k cheaper.

Second, I rented a 328i from Hertz in Austin. It had zero options. I used to own a 2006 e90 325i sport package. The nav in this car was pretty unusable - you need a phone to get directions to go anywhere. The voice control is horrible. The engine sounded like a Ford Ecoboost, but it was very responsive in traffic. The electric atari stick automatic transmission lever is a worthless skeuomorph and shouldn't even be there taking up space. At the end of the week I appreciated it for what it was. It did feel good and smug to have the BMW badge again. I'm not sure anyone else was impressed, frankly. I can't imagine how downmarket a 320i would be.

Third, the M5 and M6 present an unattainble gap in the BMW lineup. They are literally twice as expensive as a high end 3 series. They are super nice but they are not exactly sports cars. They are for the 7 series "sport" crowd. You can cart one around a track but they're not great.

The entire brand is riding on the M3 and M2. The M135i is an unbelievably brilliant track car. All I ever see is its taillights no matter who is driving it because it's so damn nimble, then it just pulls away with its overboost.

I'm hoping that "F80" and "F30" truly do mean that an M3 is nothing like the current 3 series.
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