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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
^Do not agree at all. If I were somehow forced to buy a new car, at this point it would likely be a new caddy... entirely because they have the best driving dynamics at this point. They may be trying to pick up when BMW left behind, but THANK GOODNESS! BMW has forsaken an entire segment, and if someone doesn't pick it up, there would be no enthusiast option. I agree that caddy now isn't doing as good a job as BMW did in the past, sadly. But, this is only their first try. They can get better .

I would have NEVER said that 10 years ago.
I agree with your sentiments about Cadillac as well, but I'm not in total agreement with the last statement (in bold). I've been around BMWs for the better part of 35 years and have had a 3-Series as a DD for 25 years. I recently spent a week each in 2012 335i F30 and six days later a week in a 2013 ATS 2.0T. I found the ATS to be more the BMW than the BMW. Other than the crappy CUE system in the Cadillac (I'd get it without one anyway), I think the car hits the mark as high-quality sports sedan with excellent road manners and driving dynamics. I'd match the ATS up to any 3-Series from the E30 on up to the E90. From all early reports on the 3-gen CTS, Cadillac has made an excellent car. Let's see where Caddy goes with the 2nd-gen ATS. If BMW keeps on the path with the 3-Series starting with the F30, then for people who actually want a sports sedan (i.e. not a car with a Roundel on the hood) then Cadillac may become the bench mark.

If you take a realistic view of the ATS and F30, and compare models in the same price range, a ATS 2.0T with the manual transmission is the same price range as the F30 320i with a sport package. I've driven both, the ATS is the better car.