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Keep away from Chinese women that have a mother or father around which controls their lives If her parents have passed away already then you will have half the headache but if her parents are around whether she be Chinese or Thai then you could be in for a big headache because when you marry her you just do not marry her but her family too and it is not just her that you have to take care of but her family as well. This slowly starts to kick in as the relationship progresses.

Once in a while you may get lucky and find a lady who is quite distant from her parents but if she is close and her mother is money hungry then you are in for some trouble. 20 years in Taiwan as an expat has shed quite a bit of light on these issues that are usually kept in the dark
do you have something in your eye? i know a great optometrist
No,lol.. But I can see from your picture that you have already seen an optometrist.