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Yep Franklin Park IL. I don't want someone that is not qualified to work on this. They told me they will fly some guy by nick name of Junior to do the tune on many cars. I rather pay couple hundred more then pay like 5K for a 2nd hand engine if they blow. Got their address right off COBBs web site so I hope they are good. I have seen cars blow up on dyno lately and after that I changed my mind and went with P and L. I let you know after 11th of Nov.

Anyway I really need to learn how to do this tuning my self but not on my car LOL.
OK Got my tune at P and L, they flew in a guy that goes by "Junior" and he spent a good amount of time tuning my car. I didn't want anything that would blow my engine anytime soon and wanted a good map for the track, constant abuse of the turbos and engine, and also good for daily driving. Reliability / Consistency and no timing pull was #1 for me so thats what he tuned my car for. The result for my 93 Octane map is 380 HP to the wheels and 423 Torque. He did about a dozen pulls and constant power results. All the torque kicks in at around 2300 RPM all the way up to 6500 RPM as I wanted . So when i shift i'm always in max power band. You can't beat that. I have reached my goal and some. My main goal was to get more out of this then Stock e92 M3 + some and thats exactly what I got. e92 M3 stock is about 345 HP to the wheels and a lot less torque + add 200 lbs extra on car weight. In addition to the tune, my throttle sensitivity was programmed to be between ST and LT throttle and it is perfect. You can now modulate the throttle better which = better control. Highly recommend Junior he really knows his stuff and P and L Motorsports they are really cool people go and you won't be disappointed. Oh ya price was $650 but I think it's well worth it considering that your engine is the most pricy part of the car.

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