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Originally Posted by ben1364
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LOL. I resemble that remark! <G> I am old fashioned in that I consider motor oil and filters as cheap insurance. The primary reason that I will not buy an off-lease car is that they normally receive only minimal maintenance. The strong odor of gasoline in the oil that I changed is enough to convince me that BMW is not looking beyond the warranty period in making their oil change recommendations. It would cos them a few bucks to provide "free" scheduled maintenance if they specified 5000 or 7500 mile oil changes. Risk it if you wish but I will spend the $60 bucks every 5000 miles. Hey I was very reluctant to move beyond the 90 day 3000 mile rule! :-)

Why not just go non-synthetic and save some $$? Afterall, a big reason behind using synthetic has to do with the extended change interval. E90Fleet!!! Where are you !!!!..

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