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Thanks, I have been searching and searching. I just keep going round and round from posts to posts to links to posts I have already read. It is very well documented throughout for cars built pre 2011, I cant find enough info for cars post 2011.

I have read that if you can plug your ipod directly into the USB in the armrest, (which I can't) without the use of a Y cable (which I use) your car has a combox. That leads me to believe my car has a some version of a mulf, correct? I have searched the trunk and all that is in there is an amp. I have searched in back of and under of the glovebox, along with under the carpet on the passenger side and can't find anything that resembles a mulf.

Can anyone tell me where the mulf would be located (if it even has one)?

Again it's a build date 04/11 328i, BT sticker on radio, working satellite radio, USB/ Aux in armrest that needs y cable for ipod to function. No idrive or assist.
I just want factory BT to work. Any and all help would be much appreciated.