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way to generalize there buddy.

Did you miss that thread when a E90 owner took his oil for professional analysis? guess what the result was.

To each on your own. Honestly, I think 15,000 is fine, but for safe side sake, Im going to get my first oil changed @ 5000miles. First oil is where all the dirty debris are left over. After that, I'll follow BMW's procedure.
No arguement about the 1st oil change, and I did read the analysis from Blackstone Labs, however the rest of what I said was the truth. Ne1 worth their salt will tell you changing synthetic oil every 5k miles of "normal" driving is a waste of $$. 3k miles changes are even more wasteful.

People will give you every excuse in the world for changing their oil in shorter intervals, and to be honest it gets tiring hearing the same "piece of mind" reasoning when infact it's because they just like to work on their cars. It's maintenance for maintenance sake, and I'm fine with that. Just admit it, and don't imply that your(I don't mean you) chosen interval is better, when it's not.