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Originally Posted by IEDEI View Post
i'm not sure where you are getting 50% from. when i signed my intent to lease in July and ordered my 135is to be built from the factory----the 3 year residuals were around 60%. I'm sure the M235i will also be like that. If you are going to keep a car for 10 years, then by all means buy it. If you want to get different cars every 2-3 years-----by all means LEASE. buying will make you lose even more money usually.......

with BMW, it's foolish not to lease if you are going to keep a car 2-3 years. They subsidize their leases SO well. It's a leaser's market with BMW.....waaaaaaaay better than almost any other company.

I already have a car i've had over 11 years now (TT) my DD needs to be reliable, under warranty, and fun...leasing works out great. Not everything in life is about money; some things should be about enjoyment as well
I agree with this 100%!