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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
Really dude. you have no idea. the prices i do these for are no brainers 1 day turn arounds and my customer support is spot on. i had this up for a while. im going into a business, I'm stupid to have this up. WTF? no honor. that really is a slap on the face. smh dude.
Oh please... You do realize there's a ton of people who don't live anywhere near you who could have used your DIY right? Either way, for someone who wants to pay a shop/person to do the angel eyes for them, it won't matter if there is a DIY up or not. People who want to pay for it will pay for it. People who want to do it themselves are going to do it themselves, regardless of if you took your DIY down or not. There are other DIYs around, although yours was pretty good. You can pretend like you need to take it down from a business standpoint, but really it won't make you much if any money in the long run.

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