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Anyone like the Space Grey?

I picked up a CPO 2011 Space Grey 335 E92 and my wife doesn't like the color. I am not crazy about it, but I hope it will grow on me. She is totally turned off by it. She says it's the only color in a BMW she doesn't like.

How many of you here have a Space Grey E90/92?

I really wanted a black one or midnight blue but I wasn't willing to pay $35K for one with 30k miles. Dealers are not coming down much on those colors. Some wouldn't even come down below $36K (from asking >$38K). I talked them down to $32.9K on the Space Grey 335 coupe. with 23k mi. They had it for about 2 weeks in the lot. The black ones sell much quicker so I am guessing Space Grey is not a very popular color?

Would you get a CPO 335 coupe with the Sport Pack, Premium, etc. (sticker was $55,250 new), 18" wheels (342) and many other options with low miles for under $33K? This is an Auto/steptronic xDrive btw. Kelley Blue Book is $38,200 CPO price. I pretty much got it for trade-in value which is around $32,700.

I looked for a 6-sp. manual 335 for 6-7 weeks. Found 1 black xDrive w/M Sport, but it was kind of beat up with scratches and 31k mi.. The wheels were severely damaged (pieces of the wheel were missing around the rim - on all 4!) and they only came down to $35.4K and wouldn't budge. It also did not have original M Sport wheels and they had put some crappy 17" on it. The tires were worn out too. I had to pass on it. It got sold 2 days later though(!). So that tells you something about how sought after the black ones are. I don't think the Space Grey looks that bad. It doesn't compare to black though, but I think I got a pretty good deal. It was either the Space Grey or pay the extra $2,500-$3K for a black one with less options and more miles. The BMW dealer near me still has a black 335 E90 (I like the coupe a little better though) Auto xDrive for a month now listed at $38,700 and they won't even come down to $36K. I negotiated with them for 2 days and nothing. I think $36,400 was the best they could do and it had just under 30k mi. Mine has just under 24k mi. for $3500 less. It's amazing how these dealerships hold on to these used cars with summer tires (we have bad winters here) for so long, waiting for the right buyer to pay top dollar for them. I don't get it. You would think they 'd want to move these cars fast before the heavy snow is here. Especially when all the cars I looked at had summer tires on them. Oh well dealers will be dealers..