Thread: 7XX Hp 335i!
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7XX Hp 335i!

So where are all these types of threads at??? We had a few weeks of pure testosterone months back with Vargass saying they were pulling out 6XXhp, then Vishno saying 7XXhp, then Vargass 7XXhp +1, or whatever.

Then they, they sadly fizzled the F-out. I thought we were on the verge of a HP revolution. Now all I see are trivial threads like, "My GF's boob sweat stains the seat belts, HELP!" or "My tires lost the prickly stubs...time to replace?" or some similar dumb sh*t that I'd post.

Where's the good high HP stuff at? What happened to you people that shelled out the monies for the these? I need it, I need it bad baby.