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Originally Posted by big_c View Post
Hey all, I've been lurking quite a bit gathering knowledge on the N54 and other details about the 335i. I have owned an Audi A4, and currently own an 07 Passat. Love german engineering and design, but my Passat is starting to look a bit long in the tooth and FWD sucks when Im trying to improve power.

There is a local 335i E92 in arctic white to me. It has all packages and is in excellent condition. Only caveats are that it has the CA buy back title branding for HPFP, and that it has just over 83k miles. Its selling for $13k

In my research, I have found that it has had a few injectors replaced, the HPFP, spark plugs, and other misc fluid changes. I haven't been able to find that the turbos have been replaced, or that the other common N54 problems have been addressed, at least according to the carfax.

I don't mind DIY type jobs, as long as it can be done with hand tools and without a life. I did the timing belt job on my Passat 2.0T, installed downpipe, other misc repairs and replacements.

So, without a warranty, how much of a risk is this? In reviewing other threads on this forum, it seems every 335i owner wants to dissuade a new prospective owner from buying the car for whatever reason> Not a great sign.

My plan is go check out the car and listen for wastegate rattles, drive it hard and check for no CEL and smooth shifts...have a PPI done by the local euro garage to put it on a lift and look for the serpentine belt damage possible, auto trans leaks, water pump leaks, etc.

Am I nuts for this? Is the seemingly low price gonna be not worth it after I get it and need to replace turbos, water pump, various gaskets, auto trans fluid change, injectors, coils, and the other common problems?

Basically, should I pass it up and keep looking for lower mileage ones or is it too great of a deal?
What year?