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Originally Posted by big_c View Post
Only caveats are that it has the CA buy back title branding for HPFP, and that it has just over 83k miles. Its selling for $13k
I don't mind DIY type jobs, as long as it can be done with hand tools and without a life. I did the timing belt job on my Passat 2.0T, installed downpipe, other misc repairs and replacements.
Go for it. If you can do a timing belt job you should be good to DIY most things.

Originally Posted by AnthonyT View Post
What year?

Originally Posted by SgtGoldy View Post
Well going into a high mileage car with turbos can be a bit scary. I personally would look for something with lower miles. But if you can take it down to a dealership and pay for a full inspection and it passes then I don't see why not.

Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
Those problems sounds normal to me although I don't own a 335. If everything checks out fine and you're a DIY guy then why not right? I don't know why people are so afraid of a high mileage BMW or any luxury cars. Reliability has improved on cars in general over the last decade. My car has 155K+ miles and has been great, but then again N52's are good cars. Just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Khaotine View Post
I'd go for something with lower mileage.

A handful of things are probably close to the edge of going out. I can only imagine more thinking about repairs than actual "play" time.

Originally Posted by derryck View Post
That's a cheap entry price into a 335 that will probably require a good deal of maintenance at least initially and given the mileage I would look for a better kept and lower mileage car but obviously that will cost more. My 335s have been quite reliable but I'm anal with maintenance and upkeep. If this is a secondary car then it might appeal more but if it's to be your DD then I would look elsewhere.

Originally Posted by Chris_506 View Post
A 335i with 83k at $13k? Seems like too good of a deal, my car books around that much with 130k

Go for it OP. That's the best bang-for-the-buck out there. Most people trying to dissuade others are the same people who pay dealership prices for everything. "I spent $1200 on spark plugs, damn these cars are expensive!" The majority of people looking to lemon their cars have buyer's remorse over the payment, the purchase, or want something else, etc, and are looking to Lemon Law them to get out of them. I have seen it and heard the conversations. It's like insurance fraud only the owner gets more value out of the buyback. I've seen a lemon 335i that went 20k miles without a single issue after being lemoned. Great for used value, but the carfax looks like a bomb went off. Don't let that scare you man. A non-lemon '07 will have the same issues as a lemon '07. Enjoy the pricing and post pics!
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