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Originally Posted by Chris_506 View Post
i highly doubt HPFP and injectors will make it deem able as a lemon, specially when they are address and recognized by bmw as n54 issues as well as addressed by extended recalls and warranty coverage for such parts. If the car is a buy back chances are there are alot more things wrong with it then just the regular n54 issues.
It's a bad idea to just speculate. FUD.

Under California lemon law, there are a few qualifications:

The car must still be under warranty
The owner must have taken the car in for repair of the same problem four or more times through an authorized dealer
The car must have been inoperable for a total of 30 days (not necessarily consecutive)
4x misfire? Lemoned. Doesn't matter if it was Coil#5 1st, HPFP 2nd, Injectors 3rd, then another coil.

In the shop 32 days waiting on an HPFP? Lemoned. My Z4 was in the shop for 2 months.

Like I said, people use this crap as an excuse to get out of their car and get into a new one. Some people really do have legit concerns, but most don't. And honestly, Lemon Laws should be seriously reconsidered if the dealer provides a loaner car for the length of the repair, as they often do with BMW.

I would buy it.
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