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Originally Posted by J38 View Post
Your statement was speculation.

How do you know if the visits it was lemoned on were to replace turbos, injectors, DME, and HPFP? Maybe the maintenance was religious and maybe it wasn't.

So it could be a car with up-to-date maintenance, 40k turbos, 40k injectors, 40k DME, and a 40k HPFP. Would you rather have that than a 335i with 85k on all those components with neglected maintenance?

We don't know the maintenance history.
We don't know why it was lemoned.
Both of these may be available via the DCS + other dealer records.

" it probably requires some $ignificant work" is not "100% accurate".
You are speculating and calling it fact. I'm done arguing, I think the OP can see what he needs to see.

The OP asked for our opinions so I gave mine...stop being a dick.