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Thanks guys! Much appreciated.
I have a 2011 335i Xdrive E92 and it has those "wind deflectors" in the bumber next to the fog lights as shown in 1 of the pics above by StevenY. They are discolored and look almost white. I think the guy that owned this car had it parked facing the sun all day and they probably got faded. The one in the pic looks much better and still match the body color. Do those really help with anything? I will most likely get them painted. They look weird right now with the yellowish white color.

I wonder if most people remove them. Even painted, I don't know if they look right on the car. They look out of place..

Maybe they come with the Sport Package? I have the cold-weather package, Sport and Premium packages, but those are the norm packages most cars have. My favorite feature on this car is "increased speed limiter" (to 160mph I believe) I was able to hit 141mph with my older Integra GSR (had an extra 25whp) about 10yrs ago and that was a great adrenaline rush. Very stable with aftermarket suspension, Koni double-adjustable shocks, coilovers, polyurethane bushings throughout, and lowered 1.5". Just excessive wind noise. I remember thinking if the windshield will hold up since the top speed of a stock GSR was 134 I look forward to 150+ with the 335 some day