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Originally Posted by djjasper View Post
You'll find plenty of love for Space Gray. For me it was the only color I even considered, plus I only wanted Coral Red and Sport Package. Took me 6 months...
I was in the same boat. I count myself as lucky as I only spent about a month searching, but the wife and I were scouring BMW dealer sites, forums, eBay and Autotrader daily. We ended up driving almost 500 miles to get the one I wanted and it has proven itself a rewarding decision.

I was pretty open minded about color but Graphite Gray was my first choice. Alpine white and LeMans Blue were tied for second with Space Gray resting comfortably as my third favorite. More than anything, the car had to be manual with Coral Red leather and the Sport Package.

I ended up with a Space Gray M-Sport with a manual gearbox, Coral Red interior that was a year newer than I was initially looking for and 20,000mi younger than the others I had seen closer to home. It is a great car that DOES hide dirt well. It manages to look good dirty but looks stellar when clean and polished).

Here is mine, shortly after leaving the dealership:

...and after 500-odd miles, she's home:

The black interior doesn't pop with Space Gray as well as one might like but it is still a great combo. Make the most of the color by keeping the wheels and other brightwork clean as well as keeping the OEM colored roundels. Too much 'blacking out' of the car can wash it out and the roundels add a nice spark of color without being too ostentatious. I plan on getting the BMW Performance 'gloss black' kidneys since my car has the 'Shadowline' trim, but everything else will stay as they are. Also, the interior can be dressed up nicely with a lighter wood or the aluminum trim if you'd like a touch of contrast. I'm a sucker for the darker Poplar or Piano Black trims, but the aluminum finish really draws positive attention if that is what you're after.
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