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Oh believe me I looked for a couple of months and found a couple of black and a blue 335 that I wanted, but the price was NOT right (and some of the options). Way too high and dealers/stealers did not come down much. They ended up selling quickly though, so I could see why they weren't budging. Then all of a sudden 3 Space Grey 335's appeared in 3 different dealerships in my area (within 50mi.) within 2-3 days of each other. That gave me leverage and was able to negotiate pretty well with all 3 of them who were willing to drop the price when I mentioned that 2 others had the same SG 335. I went with the one with the lowest mileage and the lowest price, which drove better, and happened to have the highest sticker price (>$55K) and the best wheels (can't forget the wheels, hehe). So I did not get the (high priced) color I wanted, but I have $4K more in the bank, and I don't regret getting the SG color at all. I think it looks great. For some reason around me black, silver and white E90/92's are a dime a dozen. The reason I wanted black was because I would see 1 or 2 every day among white and silver ones a few blocks from my house or before getting on the highway on my to work. I have only seen 1 SG (e90) in the last 3-4 months in my town and surrounding areas, and it was an E90. So I think my E92 335 is very unique in my area. So no regrets at all, but good for you. If I had another 2-3 months I may have found what I was looking for at the price I wanted after a big snow storm in February (when they sell the least cars up here in the Northeast). That's when I usually buy all my new cars and get the best price.

Only thing though... next to me at the stop light yesterday was was a brand new black 650 (Coupe with temp. registration) and that blew me away. I didn't know what to control first.. the fluids coming out of my mouth or the ones below.. hehehe That was a totally different class car with amazing looks (and 20" wheels I think). Made me and my 335 feel pretty small Yes, there will always be somone else with a nicer car, so we get what we can and be happy about it.