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Originally Posted by tico1028 View Post
If you want to shell out well over $1000 per suit, yes.

BB has good prices on suits, you just need to match the suit separates. Getting a true custom tailored suit at BB is pricey. For me, I was able to snag two suits for $400 total by matching suit separates a few years back. My younger brother, however, is a serious powerlifter and even mixing up the slim-fit suits doesn't help. He was quoted over $1,000 for a true custom suit, and we were getting a discount (we've been doing business with our BB rep for 10+ years).
Replied to your PM as well.

Everyone who wears a suit MUST go get measured by a tailor. Pay them $15 and have them measure you for a custom suit/shirt. Plus, even if you order one online you'll have to have the inseam finished (cuff) and they could then maybe take in a little here and there to make it really fit nice. I can't even begin to tell you guys the difference between a tailored suit and not. It's so easy to spot the rookie from the pro in an instant.

So, go get measured then start shopping. You'd be amazed what you can order online knowing your measurements.