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I use a similar service, guy comes in 3-4 times a year fits everything, then you get the items in 4-5 weeks. Price starts at $500 for suits up to $2k+ and $50-100 for shirts depending on material. I've had good luck with him in terms of fit, but he also had a warranty in case it didn't fit. My wife got some stuff done and had to have it altered the first time. He honored his work and paid for the alterations.

In the past I've used Tom James (terrible and expensive relative to others) and a few local shops. All were lacking because the person measuring didn't do a good job. That's the hardest part IMO, the rest is just guys in a factory reading measurements.

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i been using a guy who comes to our office 4 times a year from HK. He actually travels up and down the east coast for his clients. Custom made suits from 750 to 950, custom shirts from 90 - 125. Perfect fit all the time.