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Originally Posted by RandomHero View Post
Unfortunately many of them are NOT Great Responses.

You have to understand the serious differences between OTR, MTM, and a true Bespoke suit.
All responses can't be spot on but I just filter through based on personal knowledge.

I've been buying BB wrinkle free shirts for years but wouldn't consider a suit from them. OTR isn't an option and I've done two suits MTM and been unhappy with both after many alterations after the alleged "custom" fit. The last one was from Nordstrom and they gave up and sent for a second suit which still wasn't right.

I wasn't familiar with the term bespoke previously and have searched extensively outside of this thread using the appropriate term. I doubt that I'll gamble on $5k out of the box until a tailor can prove themselves, but I was prepared to stay in what seems to be a reasonable range of $2-$2.5k.

As always YMMV and I wish I knew someone with a similar build who was a proven bespoke tailor in the DC area.