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thread with all the descriptions and comments:

The footage has been filmed on a private track under controlled conditions.

The sound I was looking for...finally. Quiet inside the cabin though.

Just rear mufflers with stock piping. You can see where the problems in a stock system are in this video. Don’t mind the hacked up bumper. It is work in progress.

Eisenhouse SR Pipes. Replaces all the piping from mufflers to downpipes. Deletes secondary cats as well. THIS IS NOT EISENMANN PRODUCT. This is a set of pipes manufactured by Eisenhouse in Korea!

Starting the car. The car is real loud when it keeps up the rpm to warm up.

Windows up cruising on a highway. Sounds almost like stock with more bass at lower RPM, no drone at all at any RPM. Sounds a little pissed off F1 alike when the car accelerates.

Sounds like a super car with tiny bit of rasp and high-pitched.

Absolutely love the sound of the turbos in this video. The car simply sounds exotic now.

A little bit of revving. I do this all the time now when I shift.

This is a short run with windows open.

As you can tell from my comments, I am very happy with my choice. I have heared a number of exhausts on 335s and this one is the only one that fits my taste 100%. I was looking for an exotic sound and that is exactly what I got.

There is no drone whatsoever at any RPM; however, I do have stock downpipes. This was the best chunk of $ I have spent on my car so far. Even more satisfying then Proceede

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