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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Hehe, 'welcome!

re: remote turn on: what's the deal with the remote out from the head unit, and why didn't you use it? I noticed the timing doesn't seem to line up precisely with when the head unit is visibly 'on' or 'off', but what's the deal?
Basically my amp has auto sensing turn on, so initially I tested with that and seemed to work so I didn't bother looking into how to get a remote signal. Then I coded to hifi so speaker outs became line level, and the auto sensing just didn't work well at all. So I never tested using the connection from the headunit, I think I read it was for powering the antenna so I assumed it would work but I didn't want the hassle of taking the headunit out again so I tried this way using 30g terminal which seems to be just what I need, ideally it would turn off when locking the car rather than 30 mins after, but there doesn't seem to be a terminal that does that? I could code the time delay I imagine? But this is fine as it is really