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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
^ Yeah, that is really strange... why does the eisenhaus website now say that its only available with quad tips?!? I know that it has also been available before with dual 90 or 102mm tips as well. Even the car in the video shows the dual tips, and all of the tips are interchangeable anyway. I know that I want dual 90mm tips, I hope its still available or else I will go crazy.
Same here... quads are great, but I don't think I'd want to go to the trouble of cutting a bumper or diffuser just to accomodate them. I actually prefer the dual set-up look on these cars.

Originally Posted by retrodrive View Post
I have heared that exhaust at BimmerFest but never under load. The different is that Harman Motive stays quiet when you rev the car. Eisenmann is quiet but it rips your head off with Ferrari type sound.

Videos are ok, but you really would have to hear it in person. I originally heared Eisenmann setup on an e60 M5 and it was my dream to replicate that sound. My car sounds just as good now even though it is missing 4 extra cylinders

Meisterschaft is in the class of its own. I am yet to hear a setup that can compete with it.

Whoever is local is welcome to check out the car and share their impressions. I have one of my friends loosing his sleep over how it sounds already

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Makes me want to make some more movies.
Ok, so this is how I understand it from what ppl have said so far...

HM is quiet when you rev but really shines best under WOT. Also, from the vids I've seen, it's deeper and somewhat throatier than stock.
Definitely mild sounding.

Eisenmann Meisterschaft is as quiet as stock but the tone has changed to something more exotic However, adding sections 1 and 2 make things louder

DP's and intake may take this to another level as well?

Anyone in NorCal with the Meisterschaft on their car? I want to listen to it in person...