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Originally Posted by SH325M View Post

Sounds impossible to not doing this mod!

I have a 2009 E90 LCI N52 engine and when I check my IM components, My car has the 1167559525 manifold so I can change to the 3 stage manifold. The actuator also listed in the part list from realoem so does it mean I can re-use the actuator or my car actually does not have them so I need to order them to complete the shopping list?
You car does not have them. Are you planning to get it from junkyard? If so they should come complete in one piece so that you won't have to buy anything else but those gaskets for the sake of peaceful mind.

If you are planning to but it from dealership or other legit stores, you'll need to buy those actuators separately until you complete the set. Some performance stores may sell them as a kit, that cost is too high, that's why I went junkyard searching.