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Originally Posted by tinkerman
Originally Posted by Sensible_ View Post
Yeah the Schumacher is pretty much best for diyer's. Still not that cheap but well worth it for peace of mind.

Good price at the moment, I got it for slightly more a month or two ago.
Howdy Sensible,
I've been asking Schumacher and Amazon about why the INC-700A unit cannot be shipped out of the USA, and no one has been (able to) respond for some reason. I have a feeling that it has to do with the the 20 Amp rated power cord with the flat conductors positioned at a right angle.

1. Which retailer supplied yours?
2. Was the cord type the same as in the attached picture(from manual), and you are using an adapter between the cord and the wall socket?
3. Or is the cord you received different?

I got mine from eBay, it was used but supplied with a UK 3pin adapter. I think EU 2pin adapter will also be fine.

But if you look around you can find then around. This is a bit expensive but an example that you can get them around the world: