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Originally Posted by Terryk View Post
I don't agree 100% with the above.
I believe that the ES SE etc editions come with a standard leather steering wheel with Or without the multifunction buttons.
the Sport steering wheel is similar to the M-Sport, so it is thicker than the standard ES-SE steering wheel but it doesn't come:
1) with the perforated leather (M-sport is with perforated leather) and
2) with the M logo on it.
So for me, there are three types of wheels, the standard, the sport and the M-sport.
the sport was as an option in SE editions
I think I see where you are coming from but, as far as I know there has never been an ES option for the E92; the ES was a base level E90 and E91.

I have catalogues and price lists for the E92 dating from 2007 to 2011, and they all show the SE as the base model. The other model is the M Sport. There is no mention of an ES.

In the specification list the E92 SE comes with "Sport multi-function leather steering wheel... " as standard. The E92 M Sport comes with "M Sport multi-function leather steering wheel. The extra thickness of the ... bla bla bla"

They do list other wheels, eg with paddles (standard on certain autos), heated, wood trim etc as optional extras.