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Originally Posted by 335iRlz View Post
I and ran into timing issues with mine, so I'd say you should pick your tune first and slowly see what your engine likes and doesn't don't just throw everything on and find that you can't actually use it all due to timing, or other factors that will only crop up when you are that heavily tuned.

Turn off DTC fully and awd is awesome.
This is great advice. Lot of subtleties with this car in general and each car specifically. Tune first, step up through the FBO mods, learn as you go, last go for hybrids or beyond.

You may find you don't need more power at some point, or find that it is too much hassle. Plus somewhere in there you'll be wanting suspension mods or brakes whatever. Meanwhile hardware evolves and who knows what will be out there in a year.

Finally the learning curve is important, tackling an instantly highly modded car might be really hard to debug even the simplest thing if you aren't intimately familiar with every step along the way.