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Originally Posted by vindetagesign View Post
I was planning to do the handling/suspension improvements down the road, after some performance improvement.

At this point, I just try to figure out if this car worth for modifying and the efficient steps to approach the performance improvements. My plan was get all the parts installed and protune it. But, after some suggestions, it seems to buy the tune first and slowly get the parts installed.
I mean if you got the funds to do it great! I moved quick and after cobb stage 1 aggressive is when I put the suspension on... I was more saying get a feel for what kind of car you purchased... You could have got a real winner that'll be able to push 480whp/490wtrq and never give you problems or you could have gotten one thats a bit more sensitive, just slow down for a few 1000 miles and see what you're working with enjoy it though thing is a beast if you have 20k to throw at it [hell its a beast with 3k lmao]