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Yeah, I don't mind rule changes in order to make each race more interresting as DRS but to single out one race as more worth in points than another is a bad idea. F1 is not the only sport doing this though. I remember how FIS turned the rules upside down time after time to try to hinder that Ingemar Stenmark won the Combined World Cup Alpine skiing title. Ingemar did not compete in all disciplines and was thereby not deemed "worthy" as an overall champ. but was so superior in slalom and foremost GS that he won the combined title without racing the downhill ( in itself viewed as a no-no since downhill is the main event for the Alp countries ).

I hope all the rule changes to the car is enough to make the grid more competetive and that FIA reconsider these kind of silliness.

I care less about who becomes champion than what I do about having a good fight for the win in each race. I.e if RBR wins after dueling it out from start to end of the races with competitors is just fine, I just lose interrest when the race is over after lap 1 as was the case for much of 2013.

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