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Yeah, the pictures are horrible, the only clarity in them is that of your extremely dry skin and hairy fingers, thank you for that, by the way, I happened to be eating lunch at the time and suddenly I feel that I do not need to eat anymore.

This could be a great weight loss plan that you could market to people - just deliver hi res pictures of your hands that they can look at whenever they get hungry. Serious - you'll be the new Dr. Bernstein - clinics all over. And then you can afford something bigger than a measly 1.6 carat center stone.

That aside, why is 1.6 not big enough - to me that sounds plenty. I think part of it might be how its set though - is it because of the pave setting that you needed so many claws around the center stone? With my wife's, I only have 4, one at each corner and I think it actually brings in more light and makes the diamond look bigger. Otherwise, the photos are impossible to tell the clarity of the diamond, they don't photograph well, trust me, I've tried.

Since you haven't releases the specs, I'm going to take a guess - I'm thinking clarity wise its a SI1 to VS2 and the colour is an E or F. You'd have done well not to go past F.

Who was it graded by - hope GIA.