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Originally Posted by DetectiveLoki View Post
I just ran into this problem yesterday. I can engage in DS mode and is able to shift up, but not shift down. I guess I will be opening this thing up to repair over the weekend.
I have the exact same issue. Will upshift but not downshft from the stick. Paddles work fine up and down. I still have CPO warranty until Jan 29 2014 and took it in for this issue last week. They said the Tech did not find an issue with this (taking it back tonight with pictures from this thread showing where to look at the wires). I am just worried because the service advisor had said something about the wiring harness not being covered under the extended warranty? Is this wiring part of the shifter assembly or part of the wiring that leads to the shifter? I have read threads where they replaced teh entire shifter assembly to fix the issue so it makes me think it is not part of the wiring harness...

I did get two new turbos + wastegates, new injectors, new plugs, new rear brakes/rotors, they pulled the intake manifold to clean the carbon build up out, a new washer fluid pump (was leaking) and an oil change (from extended service plan) out of the deal so far... for a $50 deductible. Not sure if I should be happy to get a bunch of new parts or mad that they needed to be replaced under 6yr/100k miles? I have about 86k miles...

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