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Originally Posted by jimbethesda View Post
Where's the thread that shows you how to do this? I can't find it.

Can you create a top level menu item labeled "All" so that you can search in that "category"? That's what I really want. The other day I was trying to find Toys R Us, I looked in about 5 categories and couldn't find it. I just want to be able to search for something without picking a category. Is that too much to ask?
I'm working on what you described; merging into one giant big POI file for each higher category. I simply don't have enough time to finish it! Somebody pay me for this? I'm very cheap. My rate is about $200/hours jk.

However, I'm about 60% done. I had problems with reading the french characters for Canadian POI's, but that is now resolved. Reading them as ASCII didn't work as planned, so I had to read them as binary characters.

Anyway, I was successful in reproducing an URL file, which is reading the original URL file to my computer workspace (memory) and write a new file exactly same as the original. All I should do is reading multiple URL files onto my memory and write them as just one file. I need to work on sorting them per Lat/Long otherwise NAV wouldn't understand.

For the single POI's (traditional editting) is explained below;