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I am thinking about leasing an M235i for 36 months and at the end of that I want to get into an M4 via financing instead of leasing.

Assuming residual is 50% i'd be paying about $25,000 total for the M235i what trade in/Down payment will I have to put towards the M4?

I am unfamiliar with leasing and searched the forums but could not really find an answer to my question. I appreciate any help
i'm not sure where you are getting 50% from. when i signed my intent to lease in July and ordered my 135is to be built from the factory----the 3 year residuals were around 60%. I'm sure the M235i will also be like that. If you are going to keep a car for 10 years, then by all means buy it. If you want to get different cars every 2-3 years-----by all means LEASE. buying will make you lose even more money usually.......

with BMW, it's foolish not to lease if you are going to keep a car 2-3 years. They subsidize their leases SO well. It's a leaser's market with BMW.....waaaaaaaay better than almost any other company.

I already have a car i've had over 11 years now (TT) my DD needs to be reliable, under warranty, and fun...leasing works out great. Not everything in life is about money; some things should be about enjoyment as well
I just threw 50% out there because I thought it was an average number. But 60% is even better. Eventually I plan on having 2 cars just like you one leased and one paid off, I think it's a great combo.

Another thing that has me hesitant about leasing is the down payment insurance if my car gets totaled or stolen
the best leases are the ones where you ONLY pay taxes and fees upfront with the first payment. It's not advisable to put a big down payment down because, as you said, that money is likely to be lost if something happens.
Apparently if something happens the down payment won't be lost according to the ED person at my local dealer this is what he had to say:

"The down payment is never covered but BMW includes the Gap insurance on leases and purchases, so in the event of a total loss, they will pay out the difference of what the insurer pays and the payoff amount."