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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
It's a 22% advantage in straight line speed vs a 3% disadvantage in turning composure. Doing one thing *slightly* better doesn't make it a better overall performer.

Not going to disagree with you there, though I can't speak about the M5 & M6.
It's obvious you only care about straight line speed. Why did you not get a Camaro or a Mustang? They have the best HP per $ ratio than any other car on the market.

22% advantage in straight line speed? They are head to head on the quarter mile...

Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
It's about a half second according to the various mags/sources that Inspired brought up. 4.5 vs 4.9-5.1. That is not a huge advantage on a track.

Honestly, have you actually logged track time before? I would hope so since you're a former Lotus owner. I'm not asking this to belittle you, but I have the feeling you severely under-estimate how much of an advantage a more composed care in terms of steering feel and suspension calibration would have over a car with a mere half second advantage 0-60.

I've literally seen C63 AMGs get dusted by Miata's at Buttonwillow track in California, and Buttonwillow has two significantly long straights on the 18th and 19th turns (2.7 mile configuration). Doesn't matter because the C63 AMG is too busy trying to keep its butt from the front, or its front from the wall, and the Miata is cleaving those corners like hot butter. What is the difference in 0-60 times between the 2 cars? It's like 4 seconds man.
Best post in this whole thread. It's obvious Jericho never went to the track before because all he cares about is 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. You could have a 12 second car on the drag strip but still be dead last on the track against Miata, S2000, M3. I even got dusted by a slightly modded CRX bucket that has 100+ less horsepower than my car on Thunderhill.